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Amplification Upgrade?


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I'm considering an upgrade. Currently I have PMC OB1 speakers powered by 2 x Arcam p1 monoblocks. Whats tempting me is to add a couple more monoblocks and bi-amp my set up. However that would mean 4 monoblocks and I'm not sure if I have the space or if my partner has the tolerance for more boxes!! I've started havving a look at Bryston Amps as they are a good match with pmc speakers and wondered if I should be considering something different. My budget would be £1000 plus whatever I could get for selling my 2 current monoblocks [about another £1000]. Anyone got any suggestions? Also where in the UK can I demo Bryston amps? as I never seem to see them 2nd hand.


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Bryston would be an excellent choice.....very well made,and with the longest guarantee in the business,and sound nice as well.

PMC are listed as the UK importers,so you could give them a call for outlets.

PMC Ltd.
43/45 Crawley Green Road
Ph: (0)870 4441044

Peter Baker

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The Cornflake shop just off Tottenham Court Road used to have these, and probably still does. Very friendly and knowledgeable as well


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I ended up buying a Bryston 9B-ST second hand and it was basically a guess based on reviews and a lot of recommendations from this forum. It sounds great and is driving some of the most demanding speakers out there. I did talk to one of the UK dealers (I THINK the main distributor above) about the SST range and they offered to send one out on a sale or return basis. You could consider this if you are planning to buy new.


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I am interested in your observations that the Arcam monoblocks are not delivering to your PMC speakers. The Arcam PMC combo has been discussed on the Arcam owners forum and the opinions seem to favour this combo. In what way are they not giving you what you want?

I run an Arcam Diva and it might be argued that Arcam aren't "in yer face" and I would agree with that but in a small room that might be desirable too. Certainly by reputation and reviews, Bryston would have to be an amp with more grunt if that is the problem.


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I am interested in your observations that the Arcam monoblocks are not delivering to your PMC speakers.

Steady on, I never said I wasn't happy with my current setup, just that I'm cosidering an upgrade.:D I should perhaps qualify my initial post. I am very very happy with my system, some songs impress me every single time I play them and I really do like the Arcam / PMC combination. However, I#m always looking for ways to improve what is already a great setup. Since my original post I've been having a rethink and may end up getting a p7 for 5.1 and using the two spare channels along with my p1's to bi-amp the OB1's. Its more out of curiousity and the ongoing search for hifi heaven then being unhappy with what I already have. :devil:


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I've been thinking about Bryston amps for some time now, i currently run my FB1's with the Arcam P7, I'm looking for a little more Punch in the Bass and a little more excitement, any recommendations ??


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How about replacing your existing PMCs with active versions? Saves boxes, not as obvious to the missus that you've spent a whole lot of money, and by their very nature MUST be better optimised for the speakers in question.

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