Amp with audio delay - need recommendations


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I'm looking for a 5.1 amp for up to £300 with audio delay for use with a plasma and B & W 601 S3 or 602 S3 speakers and centre. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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You could import a Yamaha DSPAX757 from Germany - here it costs i.r.o £375
- but you might be able to get it for £300 from over there. Other people on this forum have successfully imported Yamahas and saved a fair bit.


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Either a Denon 1706 or 1906 but you could also pick up an older 2nd hand Denon 3803 for around 300 quid. All have 0-200ms audio delay adjustment on a per Input basis.


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you shouldn't need to pay vat or import duty since it's in the EU

just pay for shipping i think and maybe a credit card surcharge for GBP to Euro conversion ?



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VAT will be charged for any transaction originating and finishing in the EU. I have bought stuff from Germany and they charge the appropriate VAT for me being based in the UK.

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