Amp with 2 switched inputs?


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Hi. I'm looking for a solid-state amp (it's for my desk and I'm sure I'll end up knocking tubes) for my headphone listening.
I want it to take at least 2 inputs, and have a switch between them. Can anybody recommend something good?
Budget: I'd spend £50 no problem. £100 with justification that it's money well spent.
Current headphones are HD580.

Or do I just go for a standard headphone amp, and sit something like this on top of it?
Obviously with this route I'm spending on the switch, and I need to find cables short and flexible enough to go neatly between the two.


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Thoughts on this one?

Looks like 'generic Chinese product', but seems to review well (ignored the Amazon reviews but there are a few on head-fi)

I should say a bit about my reasons for wanting an amp. It's mainly for convenience. I have hi-fi with no h/p out on the amp on one side of the room, and guitar gear on the other side, and that has a spare line out. The desk is between the two. So I want to a) listen to hi-fi sources on headphones, b) leave everything plugged in, and c) control h/p volume from the desk.
Sound quality is of course a nice bonus.
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