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Hi all

I have a question.I have recently upgraded my speaker system but i rarely had my older receiver (Yamaha rxv630) above 30db whereas my newer more powerful(and much better! ) Yamaha rxv1900 is above 20db,are there reasons for this? Incidently my new speakers also have a higher power rating than my old ones. What are your "movie" volumes? Is this normal?
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I listen to DVD's at -15 to -20db but the scale goes past 0dB to +23dB.

Perhaps your old amp stopped at 0dB and your new one goes into the +dB like mine.

Perhaps your old speakers were more efficient than your new ones.

I was amazed to read on here only yesterday that going from 100W RMS to a 200W RMS amp gives very little extra maximum volume.:suicide:

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On most amps 0db just refers to a reference level (if was actually 0db then you wouldn't hear anything). I'm not sure exactly what level is used (I think 75db), but the scale on the amp is relative, so -20db is 20db less than reference, so 55db. Anything positive is above reference, so +5db would be 80 for example.

Unfortunately the reference isn't absolute, and will vary by model/manufacturer, and also by your own room. So, in practical terms for the average user the scale is meaningless, it might as well go from 1-10.


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