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When I try and lay VCDs through my amp (Marantz sr5200), I get no sound at all. DVD's work fine. I am guessing this is because VCD's carry no digital sound. Is there way round this?
My DVD player is connected with s-video and digital output cable(fibre obtic) directly to the amp.


My Pioneer 444 is connected to a Yamaha AX2 with only a coaxail connection and I get sound from home produced VCD,s.
Why not just connect the dvd player stereo outputs to the matching inputs on the amp with a couple of phono leads if it wont work any other way.


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Go into the sound options menu on your DVD player and change the output setting from "Bitstream" to "PCM", this should solve the problem. Obviously change back to bitstream when watching DVDs.


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No props here but note that VCDs carry digital sound, too (MPEG2 Layer 3). Try bibooo's advise.

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