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Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by PaulBoy, Dec 22, 2000.

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    My existing AV amp (a Yamaha A592 I think - I'm at work not at home) does have a dedicated subwoofer channel and this works fine in the Home Cinema environment ...
    I particularly like the added bass I get on my many music related DVD's and when I come to listen to a CD I find the lack of bass a real pain as the sub does not work when listening to CD music ...
    My question is - Are their any AV amps that can be configured (or just do it) that use the sub channel when listening to non 5.1 stuff like CD's ?
    I have a limited budget to change amps (or rather I will have when I broach the subject with "she who must be obeyed" !!!) So dont start talking about one that will cost a grand ...
    TIA & Happy Christmas [​IMG]

    "Hi my names Paul and I'm a dvdaholic ..."
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    Before I upgraded I had a 592 and know the problem you have. You are using the 6ch in from the DVD player I assume that you are using a DVD player to play CD`s thus outputting only L/R no Sub output received in this type of config, unless you take a L/R out from the DVD player to the AMP into the CD input and then use the AMP as normal.

    I found that this amp was a bit restrictive when playing DVD`s as a lot of parameters could not be changed for my rooms accoustics/positioning of Speakers, also the Headphone option is not usuable as this is again by passed by the 6CH in.

    You sound like I was a few months ago. Once I started using my DVD player I found a lot of things the 592 could not do.

    In the end I got a good deal on the denon 3801 £630 from Sound and Vision...Never looked back since...

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