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Jan 5, 2002
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Hi guys & gals,

Been racking my head for a few days now and some advice is definitely needed!!
At the mo i have the Panasonic SA-dT 100 all in one dvd/amp/speaker system....i've had it for a year now and although i have been impressed i now require upgrade to cope with my new demands!!
The panny all in one had no scart so i was limited to what i could do....s video lead is how i watched my films.
My system will need to work with dvd player, x-box, PS2 & cable digital. I'm not bothering with a vid as don't use them.
So i need something to be able to use all of the above.
The thing is i am restricted to Richer Sounds as my i took the policy out on my last system were they will give me half of what i paid so would like that.
So far i have been drawn to the Yamaha Amp,
and yamaha dvd
and also this amp,
and this dvd player
As i have a panny 32" tv so it will all match.
I have seen these 2 speaker packages
and was wondering if someone can tell me if there is a £50 difference in quality between the 2 of them??
Bear in mind i won't be belting up the volume as next door have a new arrival and the missus hates not being able to hear herself think whilst watching a film so high volume is not a necessity.
I just want a decent quality seperate system that can use my dvd, xbox, cable to good potential.
Cheers guys & gals

If you want a slim receiver but still quality, then go for Pioneer C301, many happy owners here, only £160 -

For normal size amp, the Yamaha you suggested is excellent at a very good price indeed, but if you don't have any intention to add a 6th rear speaker to utilize DTS-ES or DD-EX, then you could save £50 and go for the previous generation 5630 (it does have a phantom mode for DTS-ES and DD-EX which many actually thinks it does a good job) for £150 -

For speakers I think this is way better in terms of quality and potential, the Tannoy FX5.1 at £180 -

Or out of the 2 you mentioned, I would go for the Yamaha package, it is a super price.

As for dvd player, if it is a normal 32" panny and you are not intending to upgrade to e.g. a pal progressive scan enabled TV in the future, then save £40 go for Toshiba SD330 - , superb picture and sound.

If you are interested in pal & ntsc prog scan then the Yamaha you mentioned is an superb choice for the money you pay.

Cheers wasabi...thanks for the info.
Had another check on the RS site and the yamaha speakers are down to £80!!!!!:eek:
I went into the store and the bloke was trying to get me to buy the sony ones which now work out an extra £70!!
So for my purposes...althought the tannoy look excellent...i think i'll opt for the yamaha as i will not need that kind of power thanks to my inconsiderate neighbour having another sprog!!!!
Does anybody out there possess the yamaha speakers?? If so whats the quality like for film and audio??
I take it they will be better than the speakers i had with my all in one??
as for the amp & dvd....i think i will go back to RS tomorrow and have another play.....making sure i take with me the printouts off the website as instore prices are higher on most things!!
Thanks again.

They usually believe the prices you say on their website. I have never had problems with RS in Colchester, they believe anything I say as in honest prices.

Too bad they don't sell the 106 yamaha pack, as it contains another rear speaker, and I think unbeatable sells it for just over £100.

Are you keeping your tv for a long time? That is the key question, if you are getting a pal prog scan enabled crt tv, then Yamaha is worth it. If not Tosh is really a great dvd, just search on the dvd department.

Regarding amp department, I noticed that you have 4 products that you want to connect audio wise to the amp, and the only amp that has it which is cheap is the Pioneer C301!!! It has 3 opticals and 1 coaxial, the other ones on the list has only 2 or 3.

Also the C301 has 4 rgb scarts, which is very rare, so you could use all 3 products with scarts into the amp and just one scart to the tv, and you get the best quality! Because I doubt you have that many scart inputs on the telly. Then one of your things can go straight into the telly.

So get a Pioneer C301!!!

Here are the specs -


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