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Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by oz72, Mar 23, 2006.

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    Hi chaps, I bought a Yamaha HTR-5540 Mission m74's,M5c, M77DS & MS6 for £500 quid of a mate last summer, I was very happy with the sound, got some really nice results playing DTS Audio and Stereo, anyway. Anyway the Yam developed a hissing noise on the right front channel I ended up flogging it to cash converters and got a Denon 1706 wasnt happy with the sound. About a week later I took it back and upgraded it to a 1906, It was better but there was something still lacking compared to the Yamaha, Im no audiophille but I know on some music on the Yam my hairs would stand up on my neck, this hasnt happened so far with the Denons, it just doesnt sound as clear. Ive tried many different speaker positions (much to my girlfriend amusment) and borrowed some hi end speaker cable of a mate, and fannyied about with the settings no end. Anyway I was back in Practical Hi Fi and they said they could offer me £150 quid to trade in the 1906 I paid 300 for it They had a few ex demo models in one being the 3805 silver for 699 quid.
    My questions being how much of a marked improvment in sound would there be from the 1906 to the 3805 has anyone upgraded and is £699 a good price.
    Dont know weather to put up with uninvolving sound or spend a few quid.

    They also had a few other models in
    Yamaha DSP AX 757SE £500
    Den 2106 £450
    Den £299
    Marantz SR5600 £400
    Den 3805 silver £699
    Pionear AX2 £690

    Any recomendations on them, Thanks guys
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    Might be a bit late this reply but it sounds that the £150 that they are offering you for your old AV is just being slapped right back onto the price....

    you can pick up 3805's for around £450 - £500 and I am currently looking to purchase the yamaha dspax757se for £320....which is a fantastic price for this unit, just run a search on google or kelkoo to see for yourself.

    hope this helps


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