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Hi all,

Thinking of making one or more (if necessary) upgrades to my system but while the amp would be the obvious choice I'm not sure if that would be all that's needed.

Current setup is:
Yamaha RX-V100D amp (just used to route audio sources as no hdmi)
Pioneer DV-656A DVD player (multiregion with SACD and DVD-A playback)
Kenwood DP-5060 CD player
Kenwood KX-W8060 Tape Deck (yep, still listen to some old tapes)
Rega Planar 2 Turntable (yep, still play vinyl)
Virgin Media V+ Box
Sony PS3 (for games, blu-ray and network media streaming)
Xbox 360 (just games)
Panasonic TX-32LXD700 TV (only 32" but great picture, not full HD but accepts 1080p input)
Panasonic S-VHS video recorder (really only used to transfer old VHS tapes to PC)
Mordaunt Short MS30 Front speakers (quite large bookshelf types on stands - still sound very good to me)
Mordaunt Short CS-1 Center and Rear speakers
All controlled via a Harmony One remote.

The tape, cd and speakers were bought new in mid-90's and considered very good for the money (then). Haven't got a sub as I like the sound and get a nice depth of bass for my taste, thanks I guess to the larger front pair.

I listen to a lot of music (everything from Classical to heavy metal via cd in stereo, though do have some surround stuff too, and stream from PC via PS3 and from iPod - so an amp with some kind of iPod connection would be useful) and I use the DAB tuner of the current amp a lot but willing to lose that for a while if necessary.

Current connections are : DVD via RGB scart to TV (has component too) and via optical and 6 ch connection to amp (SACD only works over 6ch). I intend to keep this as I have DVD-A and SACD discs and a lot of region 1 DVD's which aren't playable on anything else. V+ box is hdmi to TV and optical audio to amp, PS3 is hdmi to tv and optical to amp, xbox is component to TV and optical to amp, CD is optical to amp. The PS3, Xbox and CD share the same amp input via an optical switch box (CD doesn't have coax, just analog and optical).

I am needing some advice/direction on whether it would be worthwhile just changing the amp or should I save up and think of upgrading the speakers etc too? Please don't just say yes without giving a reason. Don't want to go spending more than I really have to just now.

Options I'm considering are (though it'll be near on impossible to test in-store as no-one will have my speakers or CD etc):
The apparent current fave; Denon 1910 (though don't really like the actual look of it)
- Sony STR-DA2400ES as it has a proper tape loop and phono input - though I do have an external phono pre-amp so that's not a major issue and it looks good.
- Yamaha RX-V1065 if it's worth the extra money over the others. Most comments seem to suggest it is worth it and that lower priced models lack something. I like the sound/setup of my current Yamaha so tempted to stick with the same make even though it is a bit more than I was looking to spend.
- Also like what I've read of the Yamaha DSP-AX863 but with only 3 HDMI in could be a bit future limiting and almost impossible to find now I believe. Not too worried about no tuner function in it as will probably have to add one at some point anyway to get DAB.

Pricewise these are all a step up on the current one but would I actually get much noticable benefit/improvement from any of them or is everything else in my setup so old now that I should look to upgrade the other stuff too instead of just focussing on the amp? Any other suggestions I might consider? Must have enough connections to allow for all of the above items (maybe minus the tape deck and VCR).

I don't currently have room to split the hi-fi components from the AV components so do need a setup that's good at music and films.

And if you have any recommended suppliers/cheap deals even better.

But then there's the whole - nothing current will work with the 3D stuff that's coming along so is it worth just waiting to see what happens with all that?

Thanks in advance for any help/advice, sorry for the long post.
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