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Hi all... I have 2 systems. My second system has a Rotel BX amp feeding JPW Sonata speakers that is starting to fail. Main system has a Cambridge Azur 651a amp running Triangle Esprit Titus speakers. Sounds good, but wondering if I should keep the Cambridge, and replace the Rotel, or... shift the Cambridge over to replace the Rotel and then get a new primary amp to run the Triangles? Read that the Cambridge could be too bright for the Triangles and that a warmer/smoother amp may give them a lift and enhance my listening pleasures... The Creek evolution, Roksan Kandy, Myryad, Cyrus and Rega Amps have good reviews in this area. What do you reckon, stick with the Cambridge as little step up... or switch to a different amp for the Triangles? I tend to buy second hand by the way...Cheers for any insights and suggestions.


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Hey Kenagain, the first step is surely to try out the equipment you already have. If the Cambridge is too bright, then you could look into other amps, and ideally try them out (if a good dealer has a potential amp you want).

I personally find Rega a little thin/bright, but lots of people don't; Naim is a little warmer I find. Yamaha's another one that some say is on the warm side. Class A (e.g. Sugden) and valve amps tend to be a little warmer on average. And finally, it's worth saying that many people don't notice huge differences in amps. There are various threads about this.



I have a Rega Elicit-R which I don't find thin or bright, but we all perceive audio differently. Rega will pair with a great many speakers. What I like about Rega is it's very good grip on bass. The amp as a whole is very quick and detailed and will reward you with good recordings and punish you with highly compressed audio.

It will certainly have no problems in driving those Triangles, you could also look at the Elex-R in the Rega range for them.


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As Gibbsy and I said, everyone perceives differently, so it's down to personal preference. Try out what you have and, if possible, demo anything you don't.


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