Amp to power Modaunt Short 500 THX speakers


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I'm currently building a dedicated home cinema and had thought I had finally come to a decision on speaker, amp and dvd. I was all set to buy AE Aegis Evo 3 speaker package, Denon 2805 and the Denon 2910 when I suddenly get offered a full set of second hand, mint condition, Mordaunt Short 500 THX Select speakers for only slightly more money that the Evo 3's.

Obviously I'm now incredibly tempted by the thought of having £1600 worth of speakers for half price but I am unsure as to what to do about amp and dvd. :confused:

Will the Denon 2805 be sufficient to power the Mordaunt Shorts since they are 150watt?

What would be a better alternative if not?

Is it worth looking for a THX certified amp to match the speakers? (i know that many people say not but if the speakers are certified then a certified amp wouldn't do any harm would it? :smashin: )

I would be most grateful for any help you guys can offer me. ;)

I forgot to mention, I would really like the amp to have component switching.


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u could up stakes to the 3805, thats a good amp, should be powerful enuff....just about anyway.....or are you planning to play it as loud as a real cinema? so u need something a lot bigger and more expensive..heh

if the 2805 was more or less your budget limit then to get more power really you need to be looking secondhand for the amp.....mebbe one of Denons older lineups top end models.....or a processor and cheaper power amps......etc

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