Amp to match B&W 7 CDM SE


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I have a pair of vintage B&W 7 CDM SE speakers which are currently powered by the Arcam A85/P85 combo bi-amped. It works all right, but really lacks a bit engagement and punch. In a previous home I paired Paradigm Studio speakers with Rotel RB-991 but here in the UK had bad experience with Rotel (I bought one used on eBay and it blew out my drivers).

What is a good powerful amp to match with B&W 7CDM? I was looking at Music Fidelity A308/A5 but these are rare and even used quite expensive.

Budget - let's say up to 800 GBP but if can do cheaper would be great!


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Behringer A800. Great value, can use in stereo mode or buy two and bridge them into 2 X mono blocks.

Have a look at Z Reviews on YouTube and the Audio Science Review for more details on the amp.


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Thanks - any further input in terms of synergy between B&W 7 CDM Series and Music Fidelity A308?

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