Amp to accompany Acoustic Energy Aegis Evo 3Bs?


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Just ordered the Acoustic Energy Aegis Evo 3Bs and am looking for an amp that will cope well with stereo as well as surround. I was considering the Pioneer VSX-AX3, any one think this is a good idea? Any other suggestions? Looking to spend (at the very most) £600.



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I'm running my AE Evo 3Bs off a Denon 3803, these two compliment each other very well. The Denon powers these speakers extremely well, producing great output for both movie and for stereo listening.
Not sure how much the 3803 is going for now a days, should have come down due to the release of the 3805. Or check out the 2803 if its to much.
Anyway try saving private ryan out with your setup u wont be disappointed with the speakers :D



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Hi Wilsot
If you really need good music play back as well as movies the Nad t753 is a good choice,I used to have the nad t752 before my h/k amp and it is very good with music in comparison with other similar priced amps.Dont be worried about it only having 70 watts per channel these are real watts not paper watts the amp also weighs in at 20kg giving you an idea of whats inside.
Cheers Gonzo.


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Don't forget the Marantz SR7400 either, also great with Music with the added advantage of Dolby PLIIx. Can be had for about £480 from Unbeatable.

I bought mine from avland, but they seem to have pushed their price up to £550, which is still a big saving from the £699 rrp. Great with both movies and music.


We run these with the yamaha RXV1400 and they really pair up well but the vsxax3 is till a good choice, a very different sound though, i'd get a demo especially as alot of high street shops seem to have similar prices to the internet shops.

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