Amp suggestions for Mission FS2 AV flat speakers



I've spent a fair while looking around for some small modern looking speakers to use for audio and DVD in my living room, and finally plumped on the NXT powered FS2 flat speakers from Mission.
Picked up a set with a sub off ebay for £150, and now they're all in and working I am very happy!

A right kerfuffle ;) to put together, but the results are good, certainly comparing to my old sony all-in-one midi stereo. They're very clear, and after moving the sub around it sounds great. It was missing a lot of low/mid-range even with the sub turned up - which just ended up kicking out too much bass. Moved the sub right up to the wall and now it mixes with the output from the speakers nicely.

The only thing I'm not quite keen on is the colour - they are meant to be 'grey' but it's a very greeny grey, I would have preferred something a bit paler and more neutral.

I need to get a better amp and processor now - have about £100 - £150 to spend on 2nd hand, anyone got some tips? Will be listening to mostly music & a few DVDs.

Ian J

You should get a better response in the Amp forum so I will transfer this thread there and I have also edited the title so that it more reflects the information that you are looking for. :)


Now that's service! Ta

I should add: I'm looking for pro-logic 2 idealy, and a remote that could control a seperate cd-player / DVD.


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You should look for something in the marantz range. eg sr4400/5400. I dont know if the remote can be programed though. You might need to get a new programmable remote for that.

look there


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Will the Pioneer AX5ai be ok to run these & the FS2 sub....?

Was thinking of using 4 speakers, 2 rears & the sub ...via the amp,
and then either the 2 FS2 fronts,
OR 2 of the 3 speakers on the Artcoustic Multi,
as the surround for the front Left & Right (with the centre defo as part of the 5.1 system)

If using the Artcoustic Multi fronts as surround, then I would use the 2 x FS2 fronts as TV speakers only. ...or vice versa.

(does that make sense?)

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