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Amp/Speaker Set Up for £300

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by superdon, Dec 31, 2003.

  1. superdon

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    Dec 31, 2003
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    New to these forums, and got some really good info so far - thanks!

    We have around £300 to spend on a new amp and speaker set up. We have a Toshiba SD220E DVD player, and will be getting a new 28 inch TV (probably the Panasonic TX-28PS12).

    My friend has a Yamaha amp with some Kef eggs and that sounds great, although I do realise that this is way above our budget. The system will be used mainly for TV/DVD's, but also for audio CD's.

    I have heard the Tannoy FX5.1 package is quite good and can be got for £200, but this would only leave £100 for the amp. I would also prefer not to buy an "all in one" set. I may be prepared to spend a touch over the £300 if really required.

    I know its not a great deal of money to spend, but I am sure we can get something that will work for us. Any ideas/help would be appreciated.

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