Amp/speaker package for PS3 use


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Hi there,

Apologies if this has been asked before - I've recently bought a PS3, and would ideally like to buy some kind of surround sound system for it.

I've currently got a NAD C320BEE amp, a NAD 514 CD player, and a pair of Tannoy Reveal speakers. This has been my setup for playing CDs, games on the PC, and watching TV.

I've also got another pair of reasonable sounding Sony speakers, as well as some Mordaunt Short MS10i Pearls lying arond spare.

The problem is this - I don't know whether to go for a receiver and use these speakers to make up something, or to go for an all-in-one package.

I'm only going to be using the surround sound for games and DVDs off the PS3 or PC, so my thinking is keep the stereo setup as I have now for music, and get an all-in-one setup for the PS3 and PC.

Any recommendations? I only really need the audio side, as my sources will all be connected to the TV direct. I guess it'll need one optical and one (maybe 2) coax digital input(s), and small-ish speakers (rears which can be wall mounted).

Hope that makes sense! Thanks in advance.


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