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Hey there,

Just wondering what speaker levels are considered adequate? At the moment, my Satellites (Tannoy FX5.1's) are set to exactly half on my Yamaha DSP640 amplifier, with the subwoofer being pretty much on full on the amp and on about half on the sub itself.

Obviously, the sub dominates the overall sound making the dialogue hard to pick out, but I'm not entirely sure what the levels should be for both satellites and sub?

Any hints at all please?



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For best results you should use an SPL meter and set all channels to -75db.

If you are simply using your ear then it is a matter of what sounds best to you. However, if your sub is dominating excessively to the point of overpowring dialogue I suspect it is set way to high.
To set your sub by ear, try playing a cd with some decent bass, turn it up so the bass becomes prominent and then knock it down a notch and you should get a reasonable blend with the rest of your speakers.

For aquiring an SPL meter have a look at

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