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I realise that the whole point of having an amp is that you use the speakers for the sound. But let's say that I don't want to use the amp speakers, but have the sound come from the TV. How would I connect the amp audio to the TV, so that no matter what input was selected, the sound would routed to the TV (Yamaha DSP630)

I was thinking I could either use the left & right main speakers from the output jacks, or the MD output jacks.



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Never seen it done, however, from a pair of pre amp outputs take a pair of phonos into scart to phono convertor (it will need to be in/out switchable) and feed into the tv useing the input signal through the scart socket. Hope that make a little sense.


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If you connect your source devices (digibox, dvd etc) to your TV using SCART then the audio should be transmitted to your TV as well.

I presume your not getting the sound to the TV because you've connected using a s-video mini din type cable. If you switch over to RGB scart you'll get the sound and you might see an improvement in picture quality as well.


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Lynx - Thanks, that's the sort of thing I was thinking of.

dfield2000 - I've only got a crappy TV with a single SCART, so I'm using the amp for video switching. I've had a quick go at the automatic SCART switchers, but had problems with images interfering with each other, so I gave up.

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