Amp shutting down (overheating)?


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Now I like my bass but as it's all about quality, not quantity so I've never had a problem before. However, since the introduction of Blu-Ray to my system I've ran into a problem I've not had before. After a while my sub stops doing it's thing and needs to be left alone for a good while before it comes back to life. :thumbsdow

It's not particularly hot when it lets go but I can't really think of any other reason for it to just stop and it works just fine once it cools down again. I don't think I'm driving it partucularly hard (-20 on the amp, 9 o'clock on the subs gain and ~85Hz cutoff on sub).

I've had the amp out of the sub for a look-see but I'm not really sure what to look for, nothing is loose or disconnected.

I'm thinking of drilling a few holes in choice spots to create an airflow over the amp. Obviously this will change the Log from a sealed box to ported but running out of ideas to cure it. Been in touch with Ruark about a replacement amp but no replies yet.

Anyone else had this problem? How did you cure it? For any DIYer's out there am I likely to cause further problems boring holes in the box? :lease:


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Sealed is meant to be sealed and by drilling holes, you'll potentially allow the driver to achieve excursions it was never meant to. You'll be trading the issue of an amp protecting itself for a blown driver.

I think you may have discovered that you need a bigger and/or more powerful sub. It's that simple. That doesn't necessarily mean more expensive and indeed, could mean better all round performance.



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I fear you may be right Russel, but turns out the amp had a damaged pcb track and has been restored to previous glory so for the the time being at least the upgrade bug has been beaten from my doorstep. Close call though, if only the Monolith wasn't quite so massive! :rotfl:

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