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Amp selection

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by farhaded, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. farhaded


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    hi guys..

    Am looking to set up my first home theatre setup. i am quite keen on the b&w 603 S3 speakers, and am looking for a good music / ht amp to go with them.
    i think 60-40 HT-music split.
    i have auditioned the rotel rsx1056 mated with the b&w and i really like the sound. however the rotel is quite a bit more expensive than my other choice- Denon 3805 or similar yamaha.
    I live in the middle east, and dealer networks are not as well set up / competitive as in europe or US. for eg. price quoted for the Rotel is USD 1495.
    Price quoted for the Denon is USD 1085. i like the lower price of the denon but havent heard it with the B&Ws. (different dealers). instead i heard them with def tech BP10s. the B&W-Rotel combo just blew them away, but i dont know how much of that was speaker and how much was amp. also room dynamics were very much in favor of the B&W-rotel.
    Any suggestions / comments would be appreciated.


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