Amp/receiver purchase suggestion with B&W speakers

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    Hello everyone. Hope everyone is having a great Christmas holiday. Quite new to the forum here and made a post to another thread, but thought I'd start a new one as I can't seem to find a thread that seems to fit well.

    Have somewhat of a problem that I'm hoping to get some suggestions/ideas on. I'm not an audiophile, but do enjoy really good sound and in search of a much needed upgrade.


    - The room is approx 5M x 7m with doors/windows and openings all over
    - speakers I'm using are mainly B&W CM6 for fronts, and a KEF center along with older KEF backs for a 5:1 setup. I will be replacing the KEF's with B&W CM series in the near future, but prioritizing my upgrades for now
    - receiver being used right now is a Denon s720w (bit of a long story behind this, and won't bore with details) but needless to say, completely underwhelming experience for movies, TV, music or anything that gets plugged into the receiver. Only good thing about this receiver is that it has loads of HDMI in's and when the power is turned on, it'll turn on the TV as well (and vice versa with the TV remote)
    - have a budget of approx $3000 or 1800pounds
    - ultimately looking to improve sound quality and unleash the potential of the speakers without loosing the conveniences of the Denon amp right now (ipod/airplay are big req'ts for my wife)
    - TV I have is not 4k, but it is 1080p, and that's also on the upgrade path
    - between watching movies and listening to music, ratio is about 60/40 for watching movies, but while only listening to music periodically, when I do, it is usually at night and really looking to just unwind from a hard day with a nice scotch so yes, the music part is very important.
    - Music wise, listen to all sorts, from classical to rock, to heavy vocals

    Options wise, trying to decide firstly on:

    1. single high end receiver to do everything
    2. mid-end receiver + power amp (2 channels will work, but would like 7 channel for some growth potential)
    3. mid-end receiver + integrated amp (with HT bypass functions)

    Models I'm looking at right now are:

    1. for single receiver - Rotel RAP 1580 (not released yet and unknown price tag, but the reviews I've seeing says really good things about it
    2. Mid-end receiver options: Marantz SR6011, Rotel RSX 1562, Denon 3300
    3. Power amp options - Rotel RMB 1555, Monolith 7, or anything else people can suggest that fits budget
    4. Integrated amp options - Hegal H80, Rogue Audio Spinx, Naim Nait 5si

    Few options that I've been reading about but have taken off the short list are the Anthem, Cambridge Audio - sound wise, everyone tells me that I won't have issues with either of these, but from looking at their spec sheets, they won't support playing music off the ipod via USB which is a must for my wife. The other nice to have thing that my wife really wants is the ability to turn everything on with one remote (TV, amp/receiver combo)

    Any suggestions/thoughts/ideas would be most appreciated.


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