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Amp Problems


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Any chance any of you braniac techno magicians can help me with this?

When working away last week, Mrs Hacker called and said that the amp (AVR 1909) was broken - it had been working perfectly well for the previous three months when it was bought brand new.

On getting home it became apparent to me that the blinking red lights around the stand by button were not a very good sign.:eek: Checks were made as per the manual (speaker cables) but to no joy. (The unit turned on, but then after about 4 seconds turned itself off and the red lights would blink rapidly - say every 0.5 seconds)

The unit was returned to the shop from whence it came and they kindly agreed to loan me a TX SR606 until Denon get back to them about the original.

The Onkyo had been working well for a couple of hours and then that too started to turn itself off randomly. Now I am certainly no expert but it would seem a little too coincidental for both of these problems to be unrelated. I have checked the speaker wires and all are fitted snugly within the connector housing and am at a loss as to what is happening.

Can anyone shed any light or suggest what I should look at next?:lease:



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Try plugging out all speaker cables and see what happens when you turn it on. If it turns on fine and stays on then plug in each speaker one by one and see which one causes the unit to go off.

Well that's what I would do anyway.


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Are you confident it/they aren't getting too hot.


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yeah thats happened to before its nothing, basically one of your speakers arent connected right so the amp shuts itself of to prevent damage to the amp.

can happen sometimes if you have connected the positive and neg in the opposite sides :S

I'm not sure this is the case, wouldn't this merely cause the speakers to be out of phase, cancelling each other out.

I think it's more likely either a stray cable strand shorting across the terminals (at amp or speakers) or a fault with the speakers, attached components or the mains. I'm not sure it's a good idea to run an amp with no speakers connected - but obviously you need to eliminate the causes. Can you borrow some speakers or kit, try running with diffferent speakers, if OK then disconnect all your sources and reconnect one by one, if still OK then unless you're unlucky enough to have two faulty amps then it's probably your electrics, which you can prove by running the amp at a mates house.

Also probably worth just checking your speaker cables for damagae and elimianate any electic socket extensions (multiway etc).

Were they plugged into the same mains socket? Could be a problem with that.

I am always willing to learn, hence the question what else?

The speakers are not mains powered and one socket can only take one plug.

I am lucky to have a house well endowed with double sockets but I still have to use two 6 way surge protected extension leads for a combination of an AV setup and Hi-Fi and it all seem OK.


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Thanks for all the responses - I think I may have identified what was going wrong: -

I use a Harmony 895 remote that has always had an activity called 'Watch TV'. When the 1909 packed in and I loaned the Onkyo, I added a new activity called 'New Watch TV'. (To save going through the add activity process again when and if the 1909 returns)

Anyhow, it transpires that my better half has been pressing the button for the old watch TV activity. I am not sure exactly what has been happening - but since she has started using the correct activity button - things have been running smoothly. So (fingers crossed) it would seem that this has been much ado about nothing!:clap:


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Well the trouble never ceases.

After all that my problem turned out to be a faulty board, so the amp went back to Denon and came back today 'repaired'.:mad:

All the settings have changed (which I expected) and despite over 4 hours of playing and fiddling, I just could not establish what the 'new' problem was. HDMI cables were swapped to different inputs and outputs and I cycled through all the settings on the amp but still - no picture or sound.

I had given up on getting any joy and had convinced myself that the problem lay with the HDMI output from amp to TV and that I would be making ANOTHER(!!) 50 mile round trip to take the amp back to the shop from whence it came. So I turns the Amp OFF and voila! Picture and sound and exactly the same with the PS3 - THEY BOTH WORK PERFECTLY WITH THE AMP OFF!!!! :censored:

So here's the question if you don't mind - am I proving myself to have a first class honours degree in cluelessness and is there something I have missed in the settings - or is this a problem with the amp?

Ta for any tips!


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I'm interested. Bet you hadn't connected it right?

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