Amp or optical headphones - what to do, what to buy?


I hope one of you chaps can help me - I'm going mad!

I have a Panny 37X10 hooked via HDMI to a HT-SS100 surround system. To that I have a PS3 hooked via HDMI and an Xbox 360 via optical (PC connector to TV).

I've just found out that the Sony has no headphone jack, nor does it pass sound thru to the TV!! As I like to play games late at night and my wife likes to sleep, this is not good. :(

So far as I can work out, my only option is to get optical headphones and hooked the PS3 and Xbox 360 to them via a switcher. Or to get some sort of amp, and hook my Sennheiser wireless headphones to them.

What would people recommend as the best option and the best kit to get?

Serious thanks in advance for any help - this is driving me around the bend! All I want to do is hook some headphone, fer chrissakes!



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"optical" headphones? No such thing. Lots of gamers use a mixamp connected to the PS3.

console makers probably don't put a head out on because of cost - and they're really geared more toward video quality, than sound.
Thanks... By 'mixamp' do you mean the A40 Astro one, i.e around £99? Are there any cheaper options? :(

TBH, I'm not worried about surround or voice chat or anything like - I just want to listen to the game over stereo headphones with a 3.5mm jack and keep the wife sweet!

My plan is two put optical from the Xbox 360 and PS3 into a switcher, put the output from that into a splitter, send one the surround so I get 5.1 sound if I want it and the other into the amp so I can listen to headphones... would that work?

Sorry to be a noob but I had no idea this would be such a headache... Love the HT-SS100, but the lack of a headphone jack is incredibly cheap on SOny's part!


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