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Hi all,

My Amp (Denon 3803) has on screen setup graphics, that are now missing as its being used for audio switching only as I have a Panny plasma.

Whats the best way to get these setup graphics back on the screen??

I have the scart board, BNC component and RGB to VGA connections active on the Panny.

I really dont want to have to swap leads about everytime I need to check the amp settings.



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Are you already using the scart board ? If not then get a S-Vid to scart lead and connect to the monitor out on the amp.


I have the 3802 and a Pioneer 503mxe can I do the same thing? It would be nice to get the O.S.G's back again.


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Taz - what sources are you using and how are they currently wired?

Arty - the AVR-3803 and AVR-3802 differ in that the AVR-3803 has the ability to output the OSG on YUV whereas with the AVR-3802 your restricted to S-Video or Composite; which should be fairly straightforward for you to wire assuming you have the appropriate cable.

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Thanks Joe,
I seem to be getting in a bit of a muddle with my new setup! At present it is coupled like this.
1) Sat to vga/plasma converter > r232 port into plasma.
2) Philips freeview via above converter switched through a scart saitch unit.
3)A Tivo unit is in line with the Sat and Freeview units
4) DVD straight to the plasma on Ixos component cable.
I have experimented with an automatic scart switcher Trilogy 2 unit but found it lost the picture regularly, this was frustrating, and I could not find out why. So I had to revert back to the manual box, which is a minor inconvenience.
I have sent off for a SVHS>SVHS Ixos 3m lead which I plan to experiment with. My Sat STB is a Technomate 5500CIP+ and this has a SVHS connector on the back. I plan to try going from the sat to the amp on SVHS and use this as the switch, couple the component leads to the amp and see if I get a picture. I am not too sure if this will work as it will be SVHS to component and I know some cheaper switch units do not operate performing operation such as this.
I'll let you know how I get on when I get the lead delivered.


Originally posted by Arty
Just updated profile to include new sat.

Anyhows... I have it sorted now, thanks.

Running DVD via component into the amp and up to the plasma.


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