Amp match fro Dali Menuet?


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Hi all. I'm a newbie on here and looking for some advice. I've recently upgraded my speakers to a pair of Dali Menuets, which I think sound fantastic in my small living room. I got a bit carried away and ended up spending more on speakers than planned (£529, ebay).

I'm currently using an Onkyo A 9010, and wanted to upgrade to a more mid range amp to match the Dali's. Budget is tight as I've spent too much on speakers!

I'm looking at the Roksan Kandy KA 1, which I've heard and thought sounded great. However they are 110w per channel and Dali recommends 25 - 100w for the Menuets. Would the Kandy blow up my new speakers?!

Are there any other second hand amp buys that come recommended? I've seen a couple of Rega Brio's go for around the £300 mark on ebay. I can't afford to spend much more than that. Any helpwould be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance



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The minuets should be fine with the 110w amp so long as you do not run the amp flat out (on 11!) by which time you will probably be deaf so if you blow the speakers it won't matter anyway :D. The are rated at a max spl of 105db with 100W which is very, very loud in a domestic situation.

I suspect you will not need more than 50W but having an amp with headroom and a power supply with lots of capacity (bog transformed and lots of power capacitance) will bring the best out of the speakers and control the dynamics better.

Remember you are the one in control of the volume knob ! If it doesn't sound right then turn it down !

Riga Brio would probably be a good choice, Musical Fidelity FMJ series may also be worth a look.


I agree with Ugg, you're not going to blow the speakers unless you have the amp turned right up. By then you'll probably so deaf you'll not hear the explosion.:)

Roksan have always made good amps that stand the test of time. I do like my Regas though and the Brio, although not as powerful as the Roksan can certainly punch out a great sound. Like everything bought on the used market condition is key.


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It would be helpful it you gave a direct statement of your BUDGET for the Amp?

The average power even at relatively loud volume is about 4 watts, so using a 110w/ch amp on 100w speakers is insignificant.

It is never Over-Powered or Under-Powered Amps that blow speakers; it is always the guy running the Volume Control. Don't be that guy.

Once we have a working budget, we can make alternative recommendations.

Also, you want to think about what features you want from an Amp. Do you want/need a DAC? Phono In? Tone Controls? Network Streaming? Other?

You will certainly get a better Amp used. But ... you get a used Amp. Though perhaps not to your taste, here is an amp with TONS of features and a solid 80w/ch.

Yamaha RN602 Stereo Network Receiver, AM/FM, 80w/ch, DAC, Network Streaming, Phono-In, Sub-Out, etc... - £320 -

R-N602 - Overview - HiFi Components - Audio & Visual - Products - Yamaha - UK and Ireland

Again, perhaps not specifically what you want, but it does illustrate the range of possibilities.

At the other end, the Yamaha AS501 Integrated with 85w/ch

Yamaha AS501 Integrated w/DAC, 85w/ch - £260 -

Yamaha A-S501

A-S501 - Overview - Yamaha - UK and Ireland

Taking it one step farther, Yamaha AS701 Integrated w/DAC, 100w/ch -

Yamaha AS701 Integrated Amp w/DAC, 100w/ch - £475 -

Yamaha A-S701 Black Stereo Amplifier - Amplifiers - AudioVisual Online - UK Home Cinema and Hifi Specialists

Yamaha A-S701 Silver Stereo Amplifier - Amplifiers - AudioVisual Online - UK Home Cinema and Hifi Specialists

Perhaps these are not in a class with Roksan or Rega, but they are still NEW good affordable amps, and worth at least considering.

Just a few thoughts for perspective.



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Thanks for all your replies. Budgets £300 or thereabouts. I don’t need too many features, I’m just running a turntable in, sonos connect. I don’t really watch much TV so not to bothered about connecting for films etc.

I had heard the musical fidelity amp was a good one - is it in the same sort of league as the roksan?


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Thanks for all your help on this. Is the rega brio considered a superior sounding amp to an old roksan kandy ka-1?

I'll be sure to check out your other suggestions too.


Thanks for all your help on this. Is the rega brio considered a superior sounding amp to an old roksan kandy ka-1?

I'll be sure to check out your other suggestions too.
That's a very subjective question. Both are from well respected manufacturers with reputations for making good sounding amps. Which one is right for you would be far easier to decide if you could compare them back to back, easy when new yet near impossible when buying used.

In truth if you can get either in a really good condition then I doubt very much you would be disappointed. I would recommend the Brio but I have experience with Rega amps, although never actually heard a Brio, hence I would highly recommend one. A Roksan owner will say exactly the same thing about the KA no doubt.

On paper the Roksan is the more powerful, twice the output of the Brio, I believe. Will that make a difference driving your speakers is doubtful as the Brio has a reputation of being very detailed and musical, something that outright power rarely betters.

If it comes down to a straight choice between two amps that you have actually seen advertised then perhaps the purchase should be made on age and condition and which one wins out in that department.


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When I had the Dali Menuets I auditioned the Arcam A19, Rega Brio R, Marantz PM8005 and the Quad Vena to name but a few.

My choice in the end was the Quad Vena. To me it sounded just right and with the added bonus of blutooth. Try to audition as many amps as you can with the Menuets and make your own mind up.

I've since upgraded my system although there was nothing actually wrong with it The Menuets are still a great speaker and di sometimes regret letting them go. If your intrested in a Quad Vensm I've just listed mine in the classified section.

The other option you have with the Menuets is to have a listen to them with a valve amp as my friend has this setup and again sounds great but rather different to a class a/b amplifier.

It al depends on your budget and what your ears tell you at the end of the day

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