Amp help sought - pair with QA Concept 20's


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Hi all,

I've just purchased some Q Acoustic Concept 20 as I thought they appeared to be a bargain (circa £200).

I'm currently running my old amp (Cambridge Audio topaz AM1 and an old turntable that I've had for a few years (revolver brand? ortofon green cart).

I also run music via spotify via an aux-phono lead from my phone.

I'd like to upgrade the amp as I'm sure it's the weakest link now, but not sure where to go - Richer sounds have a deal on the Rotel A11 tribute for £429, which seems to get mentioned a lot.

Any advice on whether this would be a good pairing? I'd prefer new/open box with some warranty rather than buying used.

Many thanks


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Following advice received on here, I've just paired mine with a NAD C316BEE v2 and am very happy indeed. It appears to be a classic combination.


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I'm not sure what your weakest link is but feeding Spotify to your amp through a phono cable is almost certainly not getting the best sound you can from Spotify unless you have a phone with a very good headphones out

Helix Hifi

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Denon PMA800NE. I’ve read Rotel amp has strange volume control.

Do you want amplifier with build in streamer or an old fashioned classic amplifier?

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