amp forgetting bi-amped setting (pioneer sc-lx83)

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by rabidmonkfish, Jul 13, 2015.

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    i have purchased a new to me pioneer sc-lx83 in lovely condition but am having a strange issue. I have bi-amped the fronts and have set the speaker setup to bi-amped on the fronts. This works fine until the receiver is in standby then when resuming normal use i only seem to have the trebles on my speakers working. If i reselect the "ok" on the bi-amp setup page is still sounds like no mid or bass. But if i select normal and then save this change and then change back to bi-amp and save everything sounds like it should. Then when the power is in standby it goes back to just being in treble. I dont want to have to leave my amp in standby like this. i assume this is an amp issue but could it be speaker related eg some issue with crossovers packing up? they are getting on a bit but still sound nice to me (bowers and wilkins dm 603 s2's). Any help with this would be appreciated as the amp has apparently seen very little use and is in such perfect condition i believe this to be the case and its such an odd thing to perhaps be a hardware issue with it. Alas i have no technical expertise to really base that on so am hoping someone with more experience can help.

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