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Hello guys,

I'm having a little dilemma as to which stereo amplifier will be suitable for Q Aqoustics 3050i speakers. At the moment I'm driving them with a very weak Pioneer A-30-K amp and the sound I'm getting is not what it was intended to be.
I've narrowed my choice to these three amps /not much options in my country/:
  • Yamaha A-S501
  • Yamaha A-S701
  • Yamaha R-N402.

Source will be TV via digital output, mostly listen to music from Spotify but a bluetooth connectivity will be very much appreciated.
Is the Yamaha R-N402 much behind in terms of sound quality because I can get it for a good price right now /have to wait for the other two and they do not have bluetooth/. Is it's power enough for the bass to be tight and controlled and the speskers to sound good at low volume?
I'm also considering to exchange the speakers for Monitor Audio Bronze 100 for their anecdotal more detailed soundstage but that's my last step.
Thanks in advance!


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I am not sure Marantz supports Bluetooth. Still Marantz, qAcoustic go well together.

If you’re not so keen on buying Marantz, epically the PM6007 version, then the Yamaha AS501 is all you need. Even the AS301. Those speakers are not difficult to drive.

Sorry, the 3050i are floor standing speakers. Even though they are not so difficult to drive, you still need an amplifier with some muscle to control the drivers.

Therefore the Yamaha AS701 is your best choice. But you can’t go wrong with the Marantz either. Don’t be fooled by the watts rating, the Marantz amplifier is powerful amplifier to drive many speakers up to a certain price point, that includes speakers over the 3050i price class.

Again, why do you need Bluetooth? I stream my music by using Spotify, and I never need too use Bluetooth.
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In my experience, Yamaha and QAcoustics pair very well together. All of your choices have an inbuilt DAC so will support your television.

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Cambridge has one amplifier in the AS701 price class. Can’t remember the model number, if it has Bluetooth or not.

Not listed too it, still Cambridge is fairly neutral, engaging sound.

I believe it should work well with the 3050i speakers.

The Cambridge amplifier is the AXR100.

Richer Sounds has it.
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