Amp for Monitor Audio Radius speakers


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I've pretty much decided on the monitor audio radius speakers. They seem to offer the right balance of musical ability, home theatre ability and discreteness.

However I'm not sure what level of amp is worth going for. Possible candidates include the pioneer VSXC301 at £160, and the Yamaha 640 at £280. The speakers will be used for about 60% film, 40% music including DVD-audio.

Will the pioneer suffice given the small size of the speakers? will the Yamaha be musical enough? or should I be looking at another amp? (Price under £500 i reckon - cheaper the better, as it leaves more money for the projector).

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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i have monitor radius 180's as centre and rears with MA s6's as fronts with a yam 640se. i tried the 180 radius as fronts with no sub and they were excellent, easily as good in the mid range and higher freq than the s6's! that much so , that i am thinking of selling the s6's. also if you use a decent sub they would be very good. i use a 50/50 mix of movies and music and use a nad c541i cd player coupled to the yam, its very musical in my opinion, a little safe and 'warm' sounding but i would rather have that then shrillness. it has good control though at high levels. i used to use a rotel ra02 but was fed up with all the switching and stuff. while the yam is not the rotel in pure sound quality, its not a million miles away. if i was you though i would try to find a nad t752 as they are very good with music, i'm trying to sell my yam so i can fund a nad!

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