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I am going to be buying an amp for my HD player over the next month or so and would be interested in some opinion on analogue outs vs LPCM via HDMI.

The analogue option would be cheaper at the moment with LPCM amps being more expensive/scarce. Should I wait for some more LPCM (even HDMI 1.3) amps to come out or go for, let us say, the Sony STRDA12000.

I am particularly interested in whether there will be any sonic difference with the two approaches to HD audio and any flexibility/future proofing issues with the analogue option.

Many thanks


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Can nobody shet any light on this issue. :lease:


I am using a Sony 3200ES amp for my XE1 with an HDMI connection. The sound is just great.

Try searching the HD-DVD forum, there's lots on there about analog vs LPCM issues.



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I have had a bit of a search, which is where I learnt about getting HS sound via LPCM and analogue. However, I haven't really found any threads discussing the differences between the two approaches. I will have another look.

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