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Jun 4, 2003
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I might be purchasing a denon 2900 sometime in the next two months am looking for a suitable amp to go with it.

Any suggestions, does the amp need anything special to deal with SACD and DVD-A?

Could I be better off with any other DVD-Player AMP combinations.
I have been saving for 2 years so my budget is £1200.

My last dvd-player cost £150 :blush: so as you can imagine i want to get this purchase right.

My mate says I can have his 5.1 speakers (the sets model number was NS-P210) from a old Yamaha system.

Could i fit new speakers into this budget, assuming i would need 6.1 so i could use DTS?

Any help greatly appreciated by a an AMP newbie.
How about the new Denon Avr-3805.
Speakers - Acoustic Energy Aegis (you can make several combinations within this series).

Enzo Forever.
indeed it is a nice amp, but i have only £1200 to spend on dvd-player and the amp, so it's a bit expensive :)
Well a 2900+3803 could be had for £1350 which is somewhat over your budget .. you could go for a 2803 instead and still get a nice piece of kit, although the video switching isn't quite as good I think.
im not tied into the 2900, are there other alternatives that could give me a good amp and dvd-player but still have sacd and dvd-a.

Just spotted the pioneer AX3i, it does not have component switching but is that important as i will have the component going directly from player to screen?
Originally posted by sleepyone
it does not have component switching but is that important as i will have the component going directly from player to screen?
Not at all important in that case .. I only mentioned it as something that could be useful for someone with several sources which couldn't be catered for at the same time by the input options on the display.
Ok, just to get it straight in my head.

Amp wise i am looking at either

Pio AX3i
Denon 3808
Onkyo SR701

Dvd wise i am still on the 2900.
Any other possibilities here?

A new set of speakers appear to be out of the budget just now.
Could I add 1/2 new speakers to my mates 5.1 system to get the 6.1/7.1 sound?
A god alternative to the 2900 is the 2200, i have one and i´m satisfied with it.
If you can´t get the onkyo 701 you could try the Denon 2803 or if you give more importance to stereo, a Nad T753.
To upgrade the system speakers, you can go by steps, always consider the Acoustic Energy Aegis Series.

Enzo Forever.
Ok, i have ditched the 2900 idea.

I'm leaning towards the Denon 2200 player and the Denon 3808 amp.

This hits smack bang on my budget from SevenOaks. Now to find cheaper :laugh:

I reckon i can upgrade my speaker system later as suggested.

Any other coments? Suggestions?

3803 / 2200 that’s the combo I'm running.

Furthermore I recently had the chance to run my neighbours 2900 through my system to see what I was missing and I could see no difference in picture quality on either 30" lcd TV or 100" screen via Z2 projector. As for music, the 2900 was slightly better with plain old cd's but no better on SACD / DVD-A. This was of no concern to me as I still use a Marantz 6000 K1 Sig for plain cd.

Just claimed my money back on Barclaycards 60 day price promises and cheapest prices currently on 3803 are £599 at hispek and 2200 for £529.95 (multiregional) avland.


Chris L.
IMHO your money would be better spent on a Pioneer VSX-AX5i and DV-757ai combination.

The Denon DVD2900 is undoubtedly a better player, but to full exploit how brilliant it is you really do need to be spending more than your budget will allow. I agree in that the DVD2200 is a much more down-to-earth proposition.

What speakers will you be using? Depending on this, you may or may not need to find something with more muscle than a Denon AVR-3803.
Dimmy I had looked at the that Pio combination earlier, it is really nice but is over budget. :(

The speakers I have got are Yamha bookshelves that my mate got with his Yahmaha AMP 3 years ago (full 5.1 system model no NS-P210). So the Denon should be more than enough for them.

I'll maybe look at upgrading them towards the end of year.

Cheers chris thats good to know.

Any other suggestions? Although at the moment the 3803 and 2200 combo is favorite.
Sleepyone - IMHO, you shouldn't even think about pairing a Denon AVR3803, or anything else of similar calibre, with your Yamaha speakers.

I think you've weighted your budget incorrectly if you're looking to do this. You should DEFINITELY get better speakers first.
hhhmm, if that's the case I will just have to shelve the whole idea for now till i can afford to buy everything at one go.

Speakers are a complete mystery to me at the moment. Any suggestiosn on what i should be looking at to go along with the Amp; speaker type, price?

If i can get a general idea I can investigate further.

Mind you by the time i can buy speakers, i will probably be looking at a new range of amps and players anyway :)
I would look at some good second hand speakers. Your £1200 will be wasted otherwise, as Dimmy says. There are some Ruarks on sale at the classifides at the mo, they are damn good. I would look at £600 for speakers. Something like £2-300 for a good DVD (pio 747 S/H, Denon 2200 or Pio 686) and £3-400 for a receiver with a good bypass, maybe a second hand 2802, 3802 or similar.

This will give you much better results than an £800 amp and £400 DVD through rubbish speakers.
Hi sleepy
Can you still use your £150 dvd player which should be decent quality at that price,you could then go for the monitor audio bronze b2 package which is a very good speaker system(£650 from hifi bitz) then have a look at buying a decent amp around £550 denon yamaha pioneer then change the dvd player at a later date.
Cheers Gonzo.
Gonzo that may very well be the way to go.

Was really looking forward to getting the best out of the SADC and DVD-A discs that I have my eye on.

But as you say could get myself a nice set of Speakers and Amp just now. And look at dvd-players and maybe even upgrade my TV in 6 months.

'If your going to this it's got to be done properly' as my gran used to say.

I could get player, amp and speakers with my budget but not at the same quality obviously as just an amp and player for the same money.

So current thinking Is will look at getting the best set of amp/speakers with my current budget. And will upgrade dvd-player later in the year. This will ensure i end up with a decent system that will last.

Anything else I should maybe think about if i go down this route.
Changed my mind so often the last 2 days my head hurts :)

Whatever i deceide I will defintitly :boring: on it for a few days.
Ok, had a good sleep.

Definitly going to go down the Amp + Speakers, upgrade dvd player later idea.

Whittled it down a bit to Denon 3808 or Onkyo SR701.
Speakers wise, it defnitly needs to be bookshelve style, no room for floorstanders.

If i ge the amp for £600 leaves £600 for the speakers + any cable.
I have heard good things about the Kef eggs, looks like the KHT1005 sub./sat system is my price range, any thoughts on this?
Are they too small? Or given the power of the amps, should I postpone the gfx card upgrade for the PC and stretch myself to the 2005's.

I really like the look of the Kef's if you couldn't tell :D

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