Amp/DAC replacement for ls50?


I have some Kef ls50 speakers and until recently a nad d 3020 amp.

Even though it's in the conservatory which is only 3 X 3 metres square I find the sound great.

The nad amp has now broken and will cost too much to fix.

I've read online about lots of similar problems which had put me off getting another one.

I only have a small shelf space, about 30 cm deep, so I bought a Yamaha wxa-50 as I have a Yamaha avr in the living room with Kef r300 speakers and like the sound.

However the sound just isn't the same. It's like there's no life to any of the songs. And the nad sound seemed to fill the room even at moderate volumes whereas the Yamaha doesn't.

Ive only had it a couple of days but can't get on with it although the streaming capabilities are Great.

I currently listen from a pc through digital and it also connected to a TV. Bluetooth connectivity would be nice, but I can always add that later.

What make and or model would you recommend?

Thanks, Tim.


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Have you connected the two devices differently via the PC. I've noticed that the NAD has an asynchronous USB 24 bit/96 kHz connection whereas the Yamaha doesn't. This simply means that what you could be hearing is the difference between the sound processed from your PC with the Yamaha compared to the NAD becoming the PC's external soundcard and taking charge of this side (if you had NAD connected via the USB input)

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