Amp/DAC for Sennheiser hd800s


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Hi, after some recommendations please.
Firstly, I listen to all of my music streamed from Tidal via my Bluesound node 2i using headphones.
I have B and W p9's but recently purchased some Sennheiser hd800s.
Tried them and I preferred my p9's but I am aware that they need a better source.
After some recommendations please for an amp and a DAC.
Been looking at the ifi Zen signature set but not really that clued up.
Also, after getting the amp and DAC would I need to upgrade on my Bluesound node 2i?
Any suggestions very much appreciated.


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I have the 800S and use iFi micro dsd black label. Quite a good clean DAC. I have also used the Chord Mojo in the past and that was also good.
Coincidently, I am selling my complete setup including the DAC.
I get headaches when using headphones whilst playing games as I also wear reading glasses, therefore, I am drifting towards speakers for gaming, but don't think I will still the 800S as nothing comes close to them that I have tried.

You definately need a good DAC if you prefer the P9, although sound is subjective, as the difference was night and day when I had the P9s.
The sennheiser are like speakers with a DAC and extremely detailed, clean sound.

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