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Hi Guys,

I've always found this forum so useful both when shopping and setting up, but I've run into a little query I couldn't seem to find an answer for.

I'm a very happy owner of an Onkyo 606, it's been running fine for the past 15-16 months that I've had it and I totally couldn't see anyone enjoying their HD setup with one (or any good AV receiver).

However recently my amp started hiccuping mostly while gaming, the video signal would intermittently cut out, but as of late it's become completely unplayable. After a bit of digging and trying different things to eliminate the cause (swapping HDMI ports etc) it seemed to be an overheating problem.

I have my receiver on the top shelf of the book case I've converted which allowed the amp approximately 4-5 inches of headroom above the amp, but it seemed this wasn't enough as the roof of the shelf was beginning to heat up and I figured that the hot air in the space between was causing the problem.

So I moved the amp to sit on top of the shelf now and it has about 5ft of space now :D and the problem appears to have been completely fixed :clap:

However this brings me to a new dilema:

Long Story Short

I had the Amp on the top shelf rather than on top of the shelf itself to avoid accumulation of dust, however now it's sitting on top, the dust will gather more frequently and while I always dust the top of my amp pretty much before every use, I obviously can't reach the dust which is inside the amp.

Could anybody please recommend a way of cleaning (as best as possible without opening) my amp? I don't want to use a high powered hoover as I've seen first hand how high powered vaccums can damage components such as capacitors etc, but any recommendations would be much appreciated :)

Many thanks!!


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you could use the compresed dust cans available in PC World and the like.
I've not used one on my AVR yet, but do in my PC.

Someone else will probably give more advice soon.


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Thanks for the quick reply bobbymax,

I was thinking of using compressed air, but I've never used it before really and have heard mixed results from their actual effectiveness. Maybe I'll give it a go.

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