Amp choice - Denon or Yamaha

Evening all, I'm looking for a new amp for my home set up

Currently I have an older Denon amp with Canon Movie 75 speakers and to that I have connected an LG OLED55C14LB, PS5, Sky Q and Shield 4k. Potentially if Sony don't start bringing out some good exclusives then I might look at the new Xbox as well but time will tell

I've been reading about the new amps with gaming additions and the faster refresh rates so to make the most of the new next gen consoles, I thought an amp upgrade was in order as mine is a good several years old.

Understand I'd need to upgrade some of the hdmi cabling to 2.1 but the amps I'm looking at are the Denon AVR-X2700H or Yamaha RXV6A

Both seem quite similar. I like the Yamaha styling and have had one of their amps previously but I am always drawn to Denon

What are peoples opinions and recommendations for the set up?

Thanks in advance


Denon for high range, crunchy and punchy bright sound, yamaha for fuller range and greater music, with a lot less compression and less crunch.

However, the yamaha v6a will never do 40gbps or above for hdmi 2.1 as its limited to 28gpbs even with the board upgrade. I would personally wait for a yamaha a4a as that will at least allow 40gbps. The denon also struggles with with the same problem but is not limited to 28. If neither of those matter to you then I would recommend the yamaha.


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if looking at yamaha i would wait till they actually deliver on the hdmi 2.1 feature set that is still sitting in the "with firmware update" clause... while that way its unproven....

with denon or marantz (and do consider also marantz - they are cousins of denon ...they have successfully enabled hdmi 2.1 feature set across all inputs and full bandwidth allowing 40gbps and 8k/4k120hz across one input if a consideration for you if plan to get into gaming wiht sony ps5 or x box series X

Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 5.23.29 pm.png
That's really interesting and may push me to stick to that Denon range. I had looked at some of the Marantz, especially their low profile ones so will keep looking.

The ones I've seen so far only have 1 X hdmi 2.1 input

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