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Hi Guys,

I still don't think i'm getting the best bass out of my system.

I have a Marantz 5400 which has the following crossovers 80hz/100hz/120hz

My monitor audio sub has settings for 40/60/80/100/120 ( i think, cant, remember if it goes to 40 )

Anyways, can someone tell me what I should have the settings on, both my amp and sub please.

I have floorstanders on the front channels if that helps.

thanks in advance.



No one can tell you how to set your system to get the best sound as only you can judge what sounds best to your ear.
Have a little fiddle and try different settings till you find what you feel sounds best. Most people tend to let their receiver control the cross over frequency instead of at the sub as it integrates better with all the other speakers in your system. Use an spl meter to get the levels of all you speakers the same and try different combinations of speaker size, cross over etc.

When I'd finished playing I have mine set up as:-

(my fronts are floor standers)
Fronts set to large, cross over 80Hz, LFE to mains and sub.
that set up just sounds best to me on my system (which is what matters). A lot of others tend to have all their speakers set to small and just have the lfe set to sub. I tried that but the sound felt too thin to me and made movie sound tracks have less impact. You can get some issues with speakers set to large as both the sub and mains can interfere with one another causing boominess. I haven't experienced this so that's how I prefer my system to be.

happy fiddling:)

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