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Hope someone can help out here - I have Ruark Prologue 1 fronts, Ruark Epilogue 1 rears, and a Ruark Dialogue1 centre - sub bass is the Ruark Logrythm.

Yup, I know, a bit Ruark heavy but it was a very good deal at the time.

I have posted about this in the past - but couldn't come to a decision; it would be nice to have my setup back in action again before Xmas!!!

These were powered by a Yamaha DSPA2, now disposed of.

Any thoughts, particularly as this new Sony STR- 555 receiver has had such good reviews, on a decent amp/receiver which would be a good match? Budget is up to £800 max, excluding the extra speaker for 6.1.

Thanks in advance. :D


I assume you liked the sound of your old A2 so I would guess that the new AZ-2 would be right up your street and should be available for about £800 from the various online retailers.

If you didn't, then the upper mid-range Denons are a good bet - nobody around here has any serious complaints about them.


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my recommendation would be a denon 3802 or if you dont mind s/h a 3801,both great amps in stero and surround.


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Thnaks guys - I had been reading about the Denon's and they do seem to have good reports. The Yammy had certainly plenty of guts, but I did feel that the centre channel could have just a little more clarity. The main reason for selling though was to move on to 6.1 with all its variations - how does the Denon 3802 score there?

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