AMI (Audi Music Interface) retrofit.


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I have an A6 (2008) and was previously told in 2008 by an Audi dealer that the only Audi-endorsed way to be able to listen to an iPod was with factory fitted Audi Music Interface AMI and that a retrofit was not possible.

Now that my iTunes library was recently updated with Matched tracks I was looking at ways to play these great encodes in my car.

I almost went the A2DP BT install route but then learnt during a test drive of the new A6 that retrofits of AMI were possible. I then 'auditioned' AMI in a 2009 A6 and was impressed at how good it sounded, the data is sent by fibre optic , not analogue, and you can browse by artist/song/genre etc all through the dash display.

I have ordered an AMI self-install kit off-fleabay. I contacted someone who bought from the same seller and they said it was fairly straight forward and was basically swapping the AMI for the CD changer.

I will post back once I have received the AMI and done the install. I have found v little info on this in this forum which is why I am posting... and there may be many other Audi owners out there who didn't know about this. Even my local dealer still doesn't know about AMI retrofits.

You have to make sure you get the right AMI unit for MMI 2G vs. MMI 3G so you would need to figure out which MMI your car has first.


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My AMI retrofit seems to be working OK and sounds excellent.

I have MMI 2G and an existing CD changer.

I did a simple swap of the AMI for the CD changer to keep it simple to start with, no other cables were needed because I am not going to keep the CD changer connected for now but could try and sort it out later, ( I was sent the necessary cables to enable this should i wish).

So all I had to do was disconnect the optical lead and power lead from the CD changer, then plug these into the AMI. Simples :thumbsup:


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For the record, according to the eBay Ad where I purchased mine, the AMI unit needed for MMI 2G is Audi OEM part number:

AMI (Audi Music Interface)

-4E0 057 785 F

If you are swapping out the existing CD changer and don't plan to keep the changer hooked up , the above AMI unit is all you need, it's plug and play basically.


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Hi Tausifs. Am currently looking into an AMI retrofit on my 2008 A6 and saw your post. Just wondering if you can remember how much the AMI unit cost you and if you have any further advice? Thanks, Adam


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I did the same on my Audi A6. Got mine from turboherbie on eBay. Brilliant guy and very helpful. Answered all my questions quickly. Iirc it was £325 delivered.

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