American Woman Blu-ray Review & Comments


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Cheers for the review, Cas. Sounds appealing - if the right word.
Saw it tonight.
Very entertaining in some sharp highs and lows. Sienna really carries this through and even though her beauty is rather distracting (in night after makeup she still shines), it's her character play that snaps you back in.
Even so,; it's a bit of an oddity as, knowing nothing story-wise, I kept expecting bigger unfolds but it smooths out for some time and, for example, what I'd assumed would be a pivotal moment at the prison was denied. As such, I felt as if it could've benefited from a 10 minute or so slash to keep it tighter but, I suppose you could argue that the director (Ridley Scott's son Jake) went for more real life moments in a tale of ordinary folk in which lightning wouldn't or shouldn't strike twice. But then what Aaron Paul's character does is hugely baffling - I guess he was a wannabe rocker 'till the end.
In any case, well worth a view.
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Great movie.
Cast, script and Sienna acting keeps you gripped to the screen, this girl can act.
She recently played Russell Crowe wife in *The Loudest Voice* and was amazing.
I was not sure when I sat down to watch this as I didn't know anything about this at all.
Aaron Paul could have been in it longer I thought and the back and fro with Hendricks is a delight. No prisoners taken.

Cool. 8/10.
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