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I'm off to Florida tomorrow and am thinking about getting a PSP while over there. Is there anything I should know before I get one? I take it I'll need an adapter plug but that will be it.

Also does anyone know of any deals to look out for?



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Think that it will save you about £30 at the most and then you will have no warranty as they are selling for $249.99 + 7% tax in wal-mart.
Other than that there is nothing else to worry about.
I bought one in april when the exchange rate was nearly $1.90 to the pound so i got it for about £135.
The game are about $39.99 + tax
Hope this helped?


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And obviously it will be Region 1

So IF you ever (no way on earth in my case) decide to buy UMD Movies they will have to be Region 1 ones.

This is not neccasarily a bad thing tho as there are many times more region 1 movies available for the format than Region 2 (UK\Japan)

To be honest I wouldn't bother, not because of the region lockout for movies, but because of your warranty.

Sony do a FANTASTIC warranty service in addition to your 1 year warranty with the retailer. They have swapped my psp a couple of times, the shop was being arsey about it. They came the next day after calling them each time and swapped it straight for a brand new one.

I really wouldn't bother, it could be fine, but if a load of dead pixels appear after a few days when you get back here, your up **** street


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Personally? I say go for it.

Sony have arsed up the UK release. Even if they hadn't made the UK wait nearly a year for the PSP, they could at least have made sure they had a decent amount to sell over here.

The sales tax only applies in California (IIRC, I mught be talking tosh, I'm surte someone will correct me if I'm wrong).

UMD movies are pointless and the US versions are cheaper and more plentiful. In my experience (which is not massively extensive) shops in the US tend to be more forgiving on average than here in the UK when it comes to refunds and replacements, so check the unit as soon ass you can and take it back if it's dodgy. You'll need a UK power lead, but since it's a standard figure-of-8 you probably have a dozen already.

If you're wanting a warranty (which is understandable, given the IMHO dodgy build quality of all Sony consoles) you might want to at least pick up a few games out in the US.


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If you're VERY lucky you might find an original v1.5, although they are probably all gone. You can check the box to tell which version as explained on the first podcast :rolleyes: at I must warn you that these podcasts will be the worst few minutes of your life.

I already owe Colgate7110 about half an hour of his life back after making him sit through them :oops:


about the usa psp only being able to play region 1 umd's ive got a usa psp but am able to play spiderman 2 which is a region 2 umd film does any one no why?


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early reports suggest that the spiderman umd isn't region locked at all. have you tried any other UK umds?

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