American HDTV in UK?


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Does anyone know if it is possible to receive HDTV from an American satellite here in the UK? It would be great if this was possible...

Chris Muriel

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Gordon wrote
"No, I wondered if it would be possiblet to get "forces" american TV but I think it's a no hoper. "

I would agree. AIUI the receivers used for American Forces TV firstly use an encryption system unavailable to the public and, secondly those boxes do not contain an HDTV decoder.
3rdly , I'm not sure whether the satellite transponders used could handle the required bandwidth/data-rate (I would have to refresh my knowledge of their ATSC standard to confirm this).

Chris Muriel, author of Digital Satellite FAQ.


Let's start with greed, over regulation, total disrespect for the poor bloody viewer - and technical arrogance...

That'll do me for now!


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All the more depressing when so many of the TV shows I've seen from the USA open with large banners proclaiming "Simulcast in HDTV" or "High Resolution Digital Widescreen" or even IMO the most annoying "Dolby Digital where available" because that technology is already with us!

Having the US government support the TV broadcasters into adopting HDTV certainly encourages them to increase the amount of programming available and gives the TV manufacturers a market for the next gen displays.


Now that I have got the rant off my chest, I have to say that UK TV properly set up with a digital source and RGB or component feed, looks pretty good.

And the US NTSC system was past its sell by date.

But HDTV in Britain is a generation away at least...


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What is stopping broadcasters from moving towards HDTV in the UK?
Quantity before quality :rolleyes:


Yet another possible reason to get a blu-ray dvd recorder when they surface, as pre-recorded HD stuff is supposedly going to make its way to the discs...:)


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Originally posted by encaser
Yet another possible reason to get a blu-ray dvd recorder when they surface, as pre-recorded HD stuff is supposedly going to make its way to the discs...:)

I was more than happy to import a R1 DVD player before the format was launched in the UK and I would do the same if HD material was made available on whatever evolution of DVD comes next. It'll also give me the push to get a display that could handle HD programming, so far I haven't found a reasonable excuse to get rid of my aging but reliable RPTV :)


S'pose you could import a DVHS deck which will output movies in 1080i, but the software available at the moment is pretty limited (and expensive). Here's what's listed at DVDBoxOffice:

Behind Enemy Lines
Big Momma's House
Don't Say A Word
Fight Club
Galaxy Quest
Haunting, The
High Crimes
Independence Day
Kiss Of The Dragon
Men Of Honor
National Lampoon’s Van Wilder
Peacemaker , The
Planet Of The Apes 2001
Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Mmmm T2 in high-res lovlieness...

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