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Summer Clearance Stock Deals.

SVS Prime Elevation -SAVE £68 - BUY NOW FOR £350.00
Black Oak - Ex Demo - Complete and As-New, Checked by me.

SVS SB2000 Pro - SAVE £100 - BUY NOW FOR £799.00
Black Oak - Ex Demo - Tested by me and Complete.

SVS SB1000 Pro - SAVE £50.00 - BUY NOW FOR £575 - SOLD
Gloss Black - OpenBox, Not even powered up - Complete

BRAND NEW LAUNCH - KLH Model5's - JLB LS8 Killers?
SAVE £200 - BUY NOW FOR £1798 a Pair, inc Stands
Unfortunately some of our Launch Stock was damaged in transit to us, its minor, you can not see it with the grills on, but we know it is there.

PRO-JECT Primary E Phono Turntable (Black) - SAVE £50.00 - BUY NOW FOR £189.00
Brand New - Stock Clearance - Single Item, Unopened Box

SVS Soundpath Subwoofer Phono Cable - SAVE £10 - BUY NOW FOR £45
High Quality Phono Lead - ExDemo - Still Bagged

SVS 3000Micro - Save £124 - SOLD FOR £750
Gloss Black - Ex Demo, Powered up to compare to the SB2000 above. Boxed & Complete, Slight Rubberised Scratch. (I did the Unboxing of YouTube of this, then promptly dropped the leg of my tripod onto the top of it. Slight Rubberised marks to the back of the top face! DOH (Photo available)
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Hi do you ship to Ireland ? Just wondering what the tax implications would be with brexit as got stung on a private sale couple months ago

btw how did it compare to the 2000 ?


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Yes I can organise shipping to Ireland, DHL or UPS seem to be the best, PM with your address and what you want and I can get a price for you.

The 3000 compared very well to the 2000, it as a little more powerful but didnt dig quite as deep. Both of them were side by side in the middle of the room, so no real room gain.

Performance was exactly as I expected it to be really, Powerful, but due to its size, not able to go quite a deep. Perfect for a music system or a room where the sub has to be discrete.


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