AMD SAM - now support on AMD 5000 series Cards

Hi - AMD have added support in the lastest drivers for SAM or Reszieable BAR as nvidia call it if you have a 5000 series GPU which I do.

so I have a 550M motherboard, Ryzen 3600 CPU and a 5700XT GPU and these lastest drivers so as far as I can see it now possible to enable SAM.

So I go into the bios, enable "Above 4G Decoding" and a "Resize BAR" option appears - enable that also and save and reboot.

install the new drivers and reboot. But the AMD console still shows SAM as not enabled - rebooted again , check BIOS, still looks good everything enabled but still no Joy in AMDs software.

Anyone got any ideas on why its not working ? Am I missing something?

NOTE - when I got to the "Above 4G Decoding" option in the bios is was greyed out and says you must disabling CSM under the boot menu to access this which I had to do to un-grey it. but my PC wont boot with CSM disabled, so I turned it back on again . With CSM enabled - it leaves "Above 4G Decoding" as enabled but greyed out, but the "Resizable BAR" option remains present , enabled and active to I can change it to disabled/enabled still - could this be a factor ?

motherboard is ASRock 500m Pro4, 5700XT is powercolour Red Devil. I need to check the bios on the motherboard but its fairly new. Might be one version behind
OK - updated to lastest BIOS from August 2021 just in case - no change using that one so thats not the issue.

EDIT - looks like I need to convert my Boot Drive to allow CSM to be disabled as it looks like it must be for Resizable BAR to function.
OK mini adventure - fixed it - yes CSM must be disabled for Resizable Bar to be enabled, Yes you therefore need a GPT disc as your boot drive not MBR to allow CSM to be disabled.

Had to convert my NVMe boot drive from MBR to GPT first and then it was OK to disable CSM in the bios and then SAM actually works and shows as enabled in AMD console =- phew. hope this helps someone else. going to test it on WatchDogs Legions to see if I get a better benchmark now.


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Doesn't look like you should expect much from Watch Dogs (11:30 onwards). Definitely a no go for me if Apex is at the bottom of the list as that's one of my regular games.


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