AMD 6970 connected to Onkyo TX NR 808 - No Sound on the front left and front right


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i got a AMD 6970 graphics card conntected to my Onkyo Tx NR 808 via HDMI, connected to a 5.1 Surround System (Teufel System 6). From there, there's another HDMI connection to my Panasonic P50Vt20e (ARC enabled, if this would be some kind of problem). The soundcard should be capable of transporting 5.1 multichannel sound formats and gets detected properly, also it is selected as primary device. Installed Catalyst Center Version is 11.4.

Speaker Settings

Problem Description:
If i do run the test on "Configure Speakers", the Onkyo switches correctly to Multichannel, but no sound is emmited by the top left and the top right box if clicking on the speaker symbol. So i can't use multichannel 5.1 settings in games since the speakers don't emmit anything.

Configure Speakers Dialog

All boxes do emmit the "white noise" sound if i do run a speaker test via the Onkyo Interface. They also all do work in DD 5.1 mode if watching a movie via VLC. So i'm pretty sure it's no connection issue.

How to enable the two non working speakers, so i can enjoy fully multichannel surround sound in games, e.g. Assassins Creed III in DD 5.1? Thx for your help :- )

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