Ambulance (2022) 4K UHD


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Release date: 27/06/2022


Steelbook thread: Ambulance (2022) (Zavvi Exclusive) (4K UHD/Blu-ray Steelbook)


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This is utter reference. Picture and audio is off the scale and a great popcorn flick


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Watching it tonight


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Wow. That was some movie, as already said picture and sound are reference. I wish more directors would follow suite for picture and sound instead of been arty farty.


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Watched last night, picture was outstanding. Film had an odd tone, was overlong and I’m not quite sure what the point of it all was. Still, it looked and sounded incredible.


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I wasn't sure what to make of this film either.
Picture quality was absolutely reference and looked amazing.
Was there intentionally a lot of RED colour in this film ?
It just seemed to pop a lot.
There were a few too many unnecessary car crashes for me - for the sake of a slow mo camera shot.
Same with some of the heli shots - they looked incredible, but felt forced on many occasions.
(some times less is more). Many shots just felt like over load to me.
But yeah was it an action film with some questionable comedy scenes ?
Either way, I took it for what it was and it was enjoyable enough albeit instantly forgettable.


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Borrowed this off a mate and watched last night.

Looked great. Film was a lot deeper than the usual Bay shallow trash (Transformers) Still lots of trademark Bay explosions etc etc. Thought it was ok in the end. Glad i tried before blind purchasing as i ain’t gonna purchase it. Worth a watch though.

Score. Maybe 6.5/10.

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