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Ambient Light and LCDs

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs' started by ginger, Nov 29, 2004.

  1. ginger


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    I'd like to volunteer myself for village idiot because until now, I'd completely missed the point of the whole ambient light thing :suicide: I recount this story in case there are some other budding idiots out there.

    I've only recently moved into a new house, and furnished it with the essentials first i.e. big TV and beer fridge :beer: . Until last weekend, I had a bare 60W bulb hanging from my living room ceiling. I was quite impressed with my new LCD TV but felt it lacked that "cinematic" look. At the weekend I finally got around to buying a lamp shade in the form of a semi-transparent uplighter. I instantly noticed that my picture looked better :)

    I had read a few threads about watching LCDs in the dark and noticing that the blacks were actually dark grey and tonight decided to have a look and see (I don't normally like watching TV in dark as I find it a strain on the eyes). I was watching "2 fast 2 furious" on Sky (not for the quality of film, but because I thought it was visually a good test). The picture had "black" bars top and bottom and I have to agree that they are noticeably dark grey. However, the rest of the picture was FANTASTIC :smashin:

    I experimented a bit by opening the door to the next room and letting some light in. With just a little ambient light, the strain on my eyes was gone, and also the grey/black issue was a lot less apparent - certainly something I could live with. I can only say that the end result was a jaw-dropping picture (from Sky!) and having been previously very pleased with my new LCD, I'm now grinning from ear to ear :D :D :D

    I now need to think about how to best deal with the room lighting - either fit a dimmer switch or use some low-wattage table lamps or maybe candles. Either way, I'm chuffed to bits with the picture I can now get :smoke:
  2. Tenex

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    Mar 2, 2003
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    thanks, interesting post.

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