Amazon's Too Old to Die Young Season 1 Review & Comments


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Thanks for the review, Cas - I will be giving this a very wide berth - got many more things to watch that are immediately more compelling.
Maybe in the Winter.....


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Thanks for the review. I love Drive, thought Neon Demon was pretty good but hated Valhalla rising and really detested Only God Forgives.

So, think after reading your review I'll save myself the 15 hours and watch some other stuff.

EDIT: Actually, when I finally invest in a 4K HDR TV, I might give it a watch then just for the visuals :D


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Thanks for the review Cas.

I watched ep1 over the weekend.
First feeling was this was a David Lynch series set in a neon HDR world. I don’t mind slow scenes without dialogue, didn’t realise this was a 15 hr session though.

I think I’ll keep at it, has me interested, Baldwin’s character left me wanting to discover more, sniff, sniff!


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"Like being driven around in a supercar at 20 mph, thinking you'll at least go somewhere nice, only to end up right back at home, and realise that your driver thinks she's a witch"

That is borderline genius. Bravo sir...


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Watched the first two episodes on Friday and then ended up watching the whole thing this weekend. Yes its slow and the pacing can feel tiring at times but I was very captivated by what I was watching and ended up wanting to see more and more. It gets very weird at times and crazy and certainly wont be for everyone. Some very strong taboo themes in this show but at the same time I personally enjoyed it a lot and would probably give it an 8/10.


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Start this tomorrow.
Thank you covering this.
Looks interesting and my type of thing.

"Leila" sort off a Indian version of the handmaidens tale is worth a packet of cheese and onion and a pint of bitter over at Netflix.. Really dark stuff.


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Needs edited down to a 3 hour movie by the sounds of it.


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Total different reaction to Cas on this, I've only just finished episode 8 at the min but unless this takes a sudden drastic turn which I honestly can't see it doing then this has been one of the best TV series/shows I have ever seen, I'm not a die hard fan of all of Refn's work or of this new breed TV show format in general usually getting easily bored by the first couple of episodes but this is a very different kettle of fish altogether and at the minute I think this could possibly be the best thing Refn has ever done, I've been totally mesmerised and drawn into its world yeah sure its a slow burn guaranteed not to be for everyone but I really think he's pulled a blinder here its extremely odd bizarre seriously violent at times and so darkly funny with it, every single episode so far has had me on more than one occasion saying what the actual **** now for me that is a genuine thrill and reaction to watching something creative/ unique and truly exciting, really hope this gets a Blu release its gonna look wonderful and I'm already anticipating watching this one all over again, a positive 9/10 so far from me.


10/10 masterpiece. I hope there will be a blu-ray with commentary from Refn.
The slow burn gave you time to absorb the details of each scene, ocd at its finest.
If you hate slow burns you'll think it's just pretentious bollocks :D


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I think we can agree this is a very love/hate series lol. It definatly isn't for the crowd who don't like slow movies and want action action action. I did find some moments silly and a little too drawn out but it was still so captivating.

Casimir Harlow

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I think we can agree this is a very love/hate series lol. It definatly isn't for the crowd who don't like slow movies and want action action action. I did find some moments silly and a little too drawn out but it was still so captivating.
I agree it - perhaps like all of Refn's works apart from maybe Drive - is getting a love/hate reaction.

I do think that it's a bit of a generalisation to say that it's only people who want action action action who won't like it, however. I'm a huge fan of old school Malick, even right up until Tree of Life (which many hated), which is arguably the antithesis of action action action.

But there's a difference between old Malick and new Malick.

And I appreciate almost all of Refn's works (even though I found Only God Forgives deeply flawed, I actually liked the style over substance of Neon Demon), but this still didn't work for me.

Oddly, I made it 8 episodes in and thought, "they can maybe, maybe, save this, if they pull off a blazing finale". 9 was ok, but 10, hilariously, was a 30 minute
double witch dance

I was both deeply frustrated as it clearly needed another hour to wrap up (are they honestly thinking about a second season?) and also pleasantly relived that I at least saved an hour of my life, having wasted the preceding 15.

You are right, it is mesmerising, but it is the extreme of mesmerising which borders on deeply unsatisfying frustration, and by the end enough was enough; that last 30 minutes just killed it for me.


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Once again Cas, I thank you for your time and patience. I really like a slow burn take your time, film tv book etc, I even made it through Heroes :facepalm: however this sounds like very hard going indeed. I will leave it for the long cold wet winter months, oh wait next week then :)


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Now , I do not like Bronson but do like Valhalla Rising and Drive . Although even with the latter two he can not build a charecter arc , or has built a film around not having to doing so . Was even more evident when he did not even bother witj God Forgives and Neon Demon.

I hoped with a series he would have the time to explore the one thing missing in all his past work . After three episodes ( suprised I got so far ) in it appears this is another in an ever apparent style over any substance .

I can not go on .


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Very pumped up about this and i didnt even know about it until today.I actually liked his last two movies more than his previous works,so this sounds very enticing.I can watch it after three weeks,though.If only the streaming giants could bump up the bitrate a bit or at least offer 4k for all exclusive movies and shows("I am mother" is in HD only!).

NWR has a cameo in the new Kojima game too.


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Funny, my browsing the show list did not bring this up. Since it is a Prime series I BMed it for viewing.

I'll give you my reviews later so laterz.

By the way, I don't have 4K but I watch Prime on my PC's IPS monitor.


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Just had a weekend binge and I can see this having a cult following in the years to come.
Agreed that some parts were slow but I found it fascinating.
If you think of it has ten movies all interconnected with one another then it's easy to watch.
Some great performances also esp by Virgo and Martin characters.
The brutality may put some folks off but that is the way it goes.....

9/10 for me.


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You binge through like 9 feature length films (sort off) and end up with a 30 minutes finale


Season two please.....


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Another in the pro-camp. Refn doubles-down -no, triples-down- on traits and tropes from his more recent films that are divisive to put it mildly. Fortunately they are things I like, so I revelled in this slooooooooooow motion thriller that came across like the bastard offspring of Terence Malick and David Lynch. I loved it in fact, all the way up to episode 8 after which it lost me a bit (aside that is from a spectular sequence in episode 9). The final episode felt like a truncated epilogue rather than a conclusion, and one that doesn't wrap up the story in a satisfactory way (no doubt by design); ironic considering the gargantuan run time to plot the endings for these characters. I thought Miles Teller did a fantastic job getting the Refn treatment (NWR and Damien Chazelle appear to have swapped leading men). Everyone is great here to be honest, and I thought Yaritza made for a terrifyingly sexy character, I think she deserved a bloodier closing scene actually. Looks wise, its a cracker. But its unfortunate that the 4k HDR stream made such bandwith demands on my feeble internet that the resolution and colour changed constantly and distractingly. I guess a disc purchase is on the [tarot] cards. 8/10

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