Amazon's Jexi Review & Comments


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Looks like another Prime program that is not in HDR. I think Prime has HDR as a low priority based on 2020 releases.

so it us 2/10 as no HDR.


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Truly awful. No thanks for making me aware of this poop, Cas.
Devine is much better in (the rather better) The Righteous Gemstones.


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I gave this a go last night but only made it half way through.

I wasn't familiar with Adam Devine , but he's really, really annoying. At first this works in the context of the film as you want the character to get the treatment he gets, but he soon became unbearable.

Then there was the godawful soundtrack.

It's a shame as I loved the idea, but not for me I'm afraid.


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We watched this last night. I do love Adam Devine - especially in Modern Family and the Pitch Perfect movies. He's also brilliant in the hugely underrated Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.

But this was mildly amusing at best, incredibly annoying at worst. given the sub-90min runtime, I'm guessing a lot was left on the cutting room floor. Which is probably for the best.


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Tanked big time in the US last summer.
Probably because it sailed a bit to close to home for most incessant mobile phone users :D

First film for a few months we have actually laughed at. Silly story, simple plot and if your in a silly simple mood worth 90 minutes of excess time.


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I got to about halfway through and decided it wasn't worth the effort. The bike shop girl got super annoying super fast. When the phone is the star of the show its time to call it a day.

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