Amazon's Brittany Runs a Marathon Review & Comments


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Thank you Cas; Normally I would see this title, and put this at the top of my "Never-in-a-million-years-will-I-watch-this list", but you have me intrigued!

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I was very sceptical of this and thought I'll give it 10 minutes and see how it goes, but was pleasantly surprised, me and the wife both enjoyed it, i'd give it a 7.


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As someone who went from being overweight to running five marathons (and counting...), I can say that the film was - from my own experience - pretty accurate in terms of the emotional side of the journey.


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I saw the trailer for this it looked really good, but the name of the movie is Just aweful and off putting for that matter.


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I had enough of Miss Spears after Cross Roads.

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