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A couple of days ago, I went onto the amazon website, just to look for a present for someone but for some reason the logo was repeated all down the side. I though, no big deal, it be sorted out in a couple of days. But no. I looked again and it was still like it. Later that day, I just happened to be showing someone else something on amazon on a differnet PC, and it was fine! :confused: :confused: :confused: Check again on mine later - still the same screw up. So I was wondering if it was anything to do with my PC, but I've not mucked about anything, so it's baffling! :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
Please help!!! :lease: :lease: it's really irritating and making it hard to navigate the page.


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Have you applied any windows / java updates lately may be an issue with java. Is It only Amazon or other sites? Don't know for sure does Amazons site use java applets ? I'd try 1 clear your browser cache if that does not work 2 try un installing java and then re-install java.


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As far as know it's only amazon. I don't think it's got any recent java updates, windows not so sure about, as it updates automatically. I'll try the clearing the cache later


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The other thing is
What browser (IE/Firefox/Chrome/Safari) ?
Have you applied any plugins ?

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